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Philippine Culture · May 10, 2014
Living in the Philippines - An American's Honest Look At Philippine Culture - @idreamedofthis
A Year Living in the Philippines - And An Honest Look At Philippine Culture - By Nathan Allen
A Nomad’s Opinion · December 10, 2013
Is The Grass REALLY Always Greener? - I Dreamed Of This
Single people ache for marriage Married people, to be single Poor people want the luxuries of the rich The rich, the simplicity of the poor Light skinned long for dark Dark skinned long for light The jobless hurt for work The working despise the jobs they have Young people can't wait to age While the old wish they could go back It almost seems There's no point in longing Perhaps the solution Is to try to be more content Where you ARE And somehow Not let it get in the way Of where you're GOING -...