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A Nomad’s Opinion · June 27, 2016
German tourists Enjoying an island hopping tour in the Philippines © Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
It's something that every white male in the Philippines is familiar with...the smiley jeepney driver waves and yells out "Hey Joe!" as he drives by. This is an expression left over from WWII, a "term of endearment" for American soldiers (think "G.I. Joe"). It's certainly not meant as an insult, and Americans seem to love it. However, how do other foreigners feel about it?
Philippine Culture · June 25, 2016
Filipino English Makes More Sense © Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
As an adult, English is one of the hardest languages to learn...or so I've heard. It was my primary language since birth, so I never realized just how frustrating and challenging it can be. Silent letters, same spelling but different pronunciation...etc. Living in the Philippines for a few years helped me to realize that sometimes, English just doesn't make sense.