Nathan Allen was listed as the #2 top male blogger in the world by Huffington Post...and "I Dreamed Of This" ranked in the top 20 travel blogs worldwide. 2014 saw multiple viral articles, as well as Mapping Megan naming him one of the "Sexiest Male Travelers Alive"...which he found embarrassing / flattering.


He was featured around the world on the Filipino Channel, as well as on CNN, Yahoo, GMA News, ABS-CBN, Rappler, Two Monkeys Travel Group, Our Awesome Planet, and Out Of Town Blog. He has been invited on television programs multiple times, and to give TED talks twice, but mostly he prefers to stay behind the camera:)


Nathan Allen Bio via @idreamedofthis facebook link

Nathan Allen has spent 6 years taking photos and documenting life in Asia.  A long-term traveler, he lives by the motto "spend less, see more".  Follow him HERE.


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