Crimson Resort - When Life Hands You a Private Island Villa...

Crimson Resort and Spa - Mactan, Cebu
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Life as a globetrotting travel-writer has afforded me some pretty incredible experiences. I have paddled down India's holy rivers at dawn, ridden a bicycle across a jungle ravine (350 feet in the sky), and swam with sharks, but I have to say - nothing prepared me for that moment the door to my own private villa swung open.


This was different - a whole new ballgame. It was massive...and oh so swanky!


For the first time in my life, I felt a bit...presidential.


For the sake of promoting tourism in my beloved Philippines, I returned from the jungle and endured 3 days of pampering, just  so that I can share the experience with you! Yes, I make these sacrifices for you.


Villa Living Room @ Crimson Resort - Cebu, Philippines  © Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
Villa Living Room @ Crimson Resort


Now that I've got my daily dose of sarcasm out of the way, let's get on with the show!


Of course, I have featured luxury hotels previously, but somehow, looking out the window at your own private plunge pool adds another dimension to things. So does watching HBO on your flat screen TV...while taking a hot bath.


Bathroom & bathtub @ Crimson Resort - Cebu, Philippines  © Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
"Who me? I'm just watching the bathtub."


Honestly, I thought to myself: "What did I do to deserve this?"


Sleek, Warm, & Refined


To say I was impressed with the design and decor of my villa would be a drastic understatement. Of course, it had everything you would expect from a high-end property...private entry, kitchen, dining, and living room areas, along with a separate bed and bathroom.


However, what really struck me was the level of quality and attention to detail - at every turn. The space planning, the fabrics, the furniture design - it all felt quite deliberate. It was so elegant, but thankfully, not at the expense of being warm and inviting. I felt comfortable - not like I was tiptoeing around a museum or something.

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From my calculations, the bathroom could accommodate a moderately-sized elephant or two, and comes equipped with a luxurious tub, oversized glass shower, and 2 soft, cotton bathrobes. As mentioned before, there is a TV in the bathroom, but there is also a much larger one in both the living room and bedroom.


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The Kind of Sleep You Dream of...


Speaking of the bedroom, this surely was the highlight of the villa for me. Just look at that heavenly 4 post bed! Getting up in the morning has never been more difficult.


Somehow, this room reminded me of the scenes from "Out Of Africa", which I watched as a kid. I always dreamed of visiting an exotic location and sleeping in a room like this...though I never imagined it would be this fancy:)


The "plunge pool" is just outside this window, though the door to the patio is located in the living room, not the bedroom.


Personalized Service

The staff was very kind to drop by the villa from time to time and ask if there was anything I needed. That was a nice touch. They would also deliver a note with a bowl of fresh flowers to my doorstep each morning...that's what you see at the top of the page.


The Resort IS the Destination


Crimson is just 20 minutes from Mactan International airport, but once you arrive, you quickly realize how isolated you are there. However, I realized that being isolated in a place like this is a good thing! You see, the resort has everything needed for a perfect couples or family getaway. Actually, if you want, they do have a daily shuttle going to the shopping mall in Cebu City:)

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Activities & Amenities

While it may not have the largest beach, the resort more than makes up for it with amenities galore. Of course, there's the usual spa, gym, restaurants and bars, but add to that a game room + badminton court, music rooms, and countless activities such as diving, banana boats, and jet skis. That's just a start - each morning guests receive a schedule chock-full of activities for the day. Have a look at the "foam party" above - what a blast!


The best part is the resort also has a well-qualified child care facility, so mom and dad can get that coveted alone time if they need. Oh! Another nice touch is the mini bar - everything in it is free on the first day of your stay! Free child care AND a free mini bar? These are the kinds of perks that will resonate well with overworked and underappreciated parents. Haha.


Check Crimson Resort rates.


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Breakfast Buffet

Due to the fact that it was a holiday, it was a bit crowded when I stayed at Crimson. When I finally saw a break in the breakfast buffet crowd, I snapped the picture below. The offerings were varied and plenty...special mention goes out to the pancakes, though they were so good that I wish they were a bit larger! Haha.


Breakfast buffet @ Crimson Resort - Lapu Lapu, Cebu  © Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
Nathan Allen Bio via @idreamedofthis
Spa cottage overlooking the pool @  Crimson Resort  © Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
Spa cottage overlooking the pool

Various Night Shots


The 3-tier infinity pool is quite impressive, as is the lighting around the property at night.  


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Azure Beach Club (Dinner & Drinks)

I was quite fortunate, because the restaurant's renown chef, Godfrey Laforteza, prepared a mouthwatering assortment of menu items for me. Not only that, but he took the time to personally present each beautiful dish.  It was certainly a feast fit for a king! Azure even serves craft beer from Cebu City - and it's brewed especially for them!


A note to international guests: Tastes in the Philippines are generally on the flavorful side ( I hear this from a lot of visitors, and I agree). I find that everything is more sweet, salty, or creamy than we are used to back home. Of course, restaurants are just catering to local tastes, but If you would like to tone down the flavor, just let the server know when you place your order.

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Contact Info

Overall, as you can see, I had an incredible experience at Crimson. I want to thank the property for hosting me, and providing the opportunity to share the experience with all of you. The Philippines is my adopted home, and this resort is truly representing Philippine tourism in a world-class fashion. For that, I am grateful, and happy to support it.


Enjoy your stay, and please say hello for me!


Check Crimson Resort rates.




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- Nathan Allen


Thanks for reading, and feel free to share!

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