SIAMA HOTEL: The Philippines' Very Own "Secret Garden"

Tourists come from all over the world to swim with the whale sharks, but not too many know about this inspired hideaway along the road...


Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines
Siama Hotel, tucked away in the lush jungle of Sorsogon

Siama - Now one of my Favorite Hotels in the World

Pool @ Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines via @idreamedofthis

This is the work of acclaimed designer Milo Naval.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic bahay kubo (traditional Filipino house), Milo's vision has been perfectly executed.


Lobby @ Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines via @idreamedofthis


Sleek, contemporary lines accent the elegant, native-inspired design


Lobby @ Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines via @idreamedofthis


Down to the tiniest details, everything is just perfect. 



Pool @ Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines via @idreamedofthis

Even the pool is designed to work in harmony with nature - it's cool during the heat of the day, but gradually warms for a perfect evening swim.


Night Swimming @ Siama Hotel Pool - Sorsogon, Philippines via @idreamedofthis


Siama features locally-sourced Bicolano dishes such as "kinunot" and "lato" (sea grapes).  They also serve a famous "kilig" tinola (chicken soup)...


Dinner @ Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines via @idreamedofthis

A World-Class Hotel Featuring Native-Inspired Design


In my opinion, Siama is one of the few upscale resorts in the Philippines that is actually worth the price - I wouldn't change a thing about this place.  I was impressed that such a simple, artistic space could still feel so warm and inviting.  Truly inspirational.


With his use of organic and reclaimed materials, Milo's love for the environment is also very apparent.

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I Can Only Take You So Far...


That's because at the end of the day, Siama is an experience.  More than just an is a work of art - one you can savor with all five senses.



Yes, Siama Hotel is just my it yours?

You will have to see for yourself. 


Siama Hotel Logo more thing. cool is Milo's famous rattan pedicab?

Rattan pedicab at Siama Hotel - Sorsogon, Philippines

(Yes, you can take a picture in it.) 



For more information about Siama, click HERE


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- Nathan Allen

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