Wait...did that beetle just WAVE at the camera!!??

While staying at incredible Aguas Farm in Albay, Philippines, I noticed a colorful beetle floating inside a fish tank. 





Its head was pushed down in the water, and I knew that before long, it would become fish food if I didn't rescue it.  I pulled it out and started taking photos.  It barely moved, and I worried that it might not live.  However...



Rescuing a drowning beetle



I have to say, I never imagined what would happen next.




After a while, the beetle started coming to life.  It looked like some kind of transformer or robot.  Then, to my amazement, it seemed to bow its head, as if to say "Hey, thanks for the help!" 



That was just the beginning.  Suddenly, I kid you not...the thing actually waved goodbye, then turned and crawled away.  I was so excited at this point that I stopped filming - just as it took off and flew into the rice fields. 



Here is the video..see for yourself:



Umm.   Yeah.  Nature's kind of awesome.  

-Nathan Allen


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