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Self portrait using the TG-3 on a "selfie-stick"
Self portrait using the TG-3 on a "selfie-stick"
Lazada Philippines
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It Felt Like Christmas When This Camera Arrived in the Mail!

Olympus TG-3
Olympus TG-3

I did a lot of research on underwater cameras before purchasing the TG-3. People had great things to say about it, but I wasn't prepared for just how much fun it would be to play with!


From the second I pulled it out of the box, I started experimenting with shallow depth-of-field shots (it has a 2.0 aperture lens), and taking microscopic photos of water drops on flowers in my backyard.


I initially bought it for extreme macro and underwater photography, but I must admit, in general, I probably use the camera much more often than I should. With the addition of the wide angle lens I purchased, my Sony DSLR (with a much higher quality sensor) now sits on the shelf gathering dust.


TG-3 Sample Images - Right Out Of The Box

I do love using Adobe Lightroom for post-processing, but all the photos on this page are untouched. I wanted you to see what the camera is capable of on its own...of course, the JPGs are compressed for Internet use, so the originals are even better.

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Selfie on the boat - Antique, Philippines ©Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
Selfie on the boat - Antique, Philippines

For those that think a 2.8 lens is good in low-light situations, wait until you play with a 2.0 lens! You can easily shoot in dimly-lit bars, clubs, or sunset environments...with no flash.


As you can see, the camera was perfect to take with me on vacation in the Philippines. I attached the strap to a carabiner, so that the camera could lock onto my belt loop. Then I would go kayaking or shooting with my DSLR, and the TG-3 was always within reach!


Honestly, I love the piece of mind that comes with having this camera. There is almost nothing you can do to harm it! Haha. I have really punished it as well. Still powers up and shoots flawlessly.



So Why Did I Choose an Olympus Underwater Camera?

Yes, there are a lot of options out there....but for me it was all about the versatility. The camera isn't tiny, but it will fit in a loose jean pocket, and that means I can have a great macro camera with me at all times. The lens and processing time are quite fast, and there are so many features that are a blast to play with. I planned on doing a lot of underwater photography on my vacation, so the large LCD screen was a big plus for me. I'm not big on video (though the video capabilities are not bad, I must admit).

Lazada Philippines

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Get INSANELY Close - Focus is Never a Problem

I got hooked on the idea of having a small macro-enabled camera years back when I had a Canon Powershot. That model wasn't even particularly expensive, but I LOVED how close I could get to my subjects with it. That was just a 3MP camera I believe...the TG-3 is a 16MP, and the minimum focusing distance is downright unbelievable. I thought a reviewer was joking when he said to keep the lens clean, because the camera with actually focus on the dirt on the lens (perfectly), and not your subject. I was shocked to learn this is true!

(Click to enlarge)



As you can see, the possibilities are endless with the TG-3!



Macro Shot of a Flower with water drops (Olympus TG-3 Sample Photos)
Macro Shot of a Flower with water drops



Beautiful Underwater Filters

Clownfish While Diving - Sipalay, Negros - Philippines ©Nathan Allen via @idreamedofthis
Clown fish pair - Sipalay, Negros - Philippines (Olympus TG-3 Tough Camera)

Personally, I got very used to shooting with an LCD screen, so having an underwater camera that wouldn't let me compose my shots just wasn't an option.


The combination of the screen + the fast lens is perfect below the surface. You don't always have the best lighting down there.  I especially like that I can keep the wide angle lens in my pocket and put it on underwater when I need to capture landscape shots!


Honestly, at first I felt like the red TG-3 option was kind of ugly, but the black model was sold out, and I needed to leave for my trip...so red it was. Now I love the red one, and can't imagine it being black! Go figure. Haha.


Anyhow, the red color may have saved me, because I actually left the camera and selfie stick on the seabed once while I put my fins on (in only 1.5 meters of water). I swam about 12 away before I realized what I had done! I went back in a straight line, and was lucky to see the shiny red camera off in the distance....whew! I'm not sure I could have found it if I ordered the black version. I was about 20 meters from the shore.

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Purchasing a TG-3



*Update, the TG-4 has now come out, and it's basically identical to the TG-3. One important difference is that you have the option to shoot in a more professional quality RAW format. There are a few other new processing features as well.





You can safely place your order on Lazada for the Red TG-4 HERE


The Black TG-4 can be found HERE



If you want the attachable Wide Angle Lens, you must order it through Amazon in the US:



I haven't tried it, but the reviews are pretty good...the Telephoto Lens option increses the reach 7X, and must be purchased through Amazon in the U.S:



In the U.S.


Ordering the TG-4 from Amazon (Red or Black Color versions) :


Super Wide Lens:


Zoom Lens:

Thanks for reading!


- Nathan Allen


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