Shame on you, Korina Sanchez - and shame on us for paying attention to you

Enough is Enough - Please Stop Fueling Mrs. Sanchez's Fire



My father always told me that unfortunately, even negative publicity is good publicity. 


No one seems to understand this better than Korina Sanchez, and it looks like she might be using us as pawns in her strategic game of chess.


I thought it was bad enough that her latest stunt was national news here in the Philippines, but now it's actually trending worldwide, and I can't keep my mouth shut about it any more.


Why is she trending, you ask?  For making horrible comments about the typhoon skipping The Philippines and instead heading to Japan, a country which, just last year, devoted 52 million dollars worth of aid to typhoon Yolanda relief efforts in the Philippines. 


As a foreigner visiting the Philippines, I had just told my friends and family back home not to worry about me as typhoon Hagupit passes by us.


Not to downplay the destruction that has occurred, but in general, I feel that the media is blowing things out of proportion, and I informed my friends and family that watching the news back home will probably cause them more stress and worry than I'm even experiencing here IN the Philippines!

Then I started thinking to myself: 


"I long for the day the Philippines will make world headlines - but for something other than sensationalism and tragedy." 



Then, along comes Mrs. Sanchez, who seems like she might be using another potential tragedy to get herself back in the spotlight.  "Philippine News Anchor Wishes Typhoon On Japan."  Sure, the headline may be extreme, but how does this make the Philippines look to the world? 

Filipinos deserve better.


It breaks my heart, because I feel she might be playing us all.  You see, sadly, it is possible for people to make a name for themselves in this world by being strategically horrible, and we all can fall for it by focusing on all the nasty things they do and say.  Is it that easy to manipulate all of us?  Korina Sanchez might think so, and if so, she is pulling it off time and time again (yes, if this were her first "mishap", I would have just let it go)



Has she thrown herself back into the world's spotlight, like a kid acting out in school to get attention?



I beg you, netizens.  If so, let us not fall for it.   It is a media circus, and she could be fast becoming the ring leader



Rappler politely mentioned that Korina "once again found herself in the spotlight".  I'm sorry, but I'm not sure she "found" herself in the spotlight.  I think that once again, she may have strategically and deliberately put herself there. 



Just like I mentioned in a previous article, if you don't like Korina Sanchez (and those like her), just know that you are promoting her each time you give her your attention.  Also, even though people don't like her, she can still continue to grow and become powerful.  I learned this firsthand...



My Experience on "Rated K"

To be honest, I didn't even know who Korina Sanchez was when I was told "Rated K" would film me for a travel segment.  Well, there was some drama (more of a disappointment, really), but when I posted about the experience, I learned who Korina was, and just how my readers feel about her.  I was shocked, and had no idea!  The ABS-CBN film crew were very nice, don't get me wrong.  However, she wasn't with them


What concerns me is that somebody so clearly disliked can continue to host a prime time show on national television, and also keep moving up through the ranks of the Filipino "elite".  Does this concern you?


it doesn't seem to matter that so many people dislike her, because she keeps pulling stunts like this - and gaining more and more notoriety.


Sure, here I am talking about Korina Sanchez in this very article, but I do it because at the very least, I'm tired of watching people possibly manipulate Filipinos (and the rest of the world) in order to get ahead in life



If there is one message I would like to spread, it's this:




Stop fueling the fire of people like Korina Sanchez.  Please recognize her behavior for what it quite possibly is: A desperate cry for attention. 



She could have been decent and simply said:  "Let's hope the typhoon dies down before it claims any human lives."


But...will that make headlines?


If she really is doing this intentionally, she's making a mockery of the Philippines.

Just ignore her.

This country deserves better.

 - Nathan Allen