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What Is "I Dreamed Of This"?  Travel - With No Return Ticket.

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I'm Nathan Allen. As a little boy I felt so confined by society's expectations of me.  I dreamed of a life full of food, culture, adventure, and most importantly, freedom


I began to focus tremendous energy on my passions. With a lot of dedication and a few BIG sacrifices, this slowly enabled the life I dreamed of to take shape.


For me, it's all about the promise of new horizons...seeking out and documenting the world's most fascinating cultures and stunning locations in my blog. That, and also the goal of being able to get by in at least ten different languages. Often challenging, always rewarding.  This is my life. I don't have much money, but I assure you...through these experiences, I am a wealthy man. Any questions? Contact me.

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I reviewed my beloved underwater camera:)

Olympus TG-4 Review via @idreamedofthis
Do What You Love
Sunset in El Nido, Philippines

As a musician myself, I started a modest audio-production business back in 2008.  Word spread, and I began attracting online clients from all over the world.  When I realized I could run the business from almost anywhere, I made many sacrifices to make it happen.  (If you are a musician and want to hear how we can improve the sound of your recordings, you can upload a test song here :)


For me, being location-independent is a dream come true.  It may be cliche, but now I try and live in the moment; to let go and be completely open to what life has in store for me.  The more I learned to trust in this process, the more incredible and fortuitous my experiences seemed to become


Hiking the rice terraces in Sagada, Philippines
Hiking the rice terraces in Sagada, Philippines

One moment, I'm on the beach taking a photo of a stunning sunset...the next, a Brazilian couple walks up and tells me about a mind-blowing waterfall in a neighboring country.  The following day I find myself on a bumpy bus-ride to the next great adventure!  I learned to throw expectation out the window and embrace the magic of the moment


Yes, I travel very far with very little money, but "I Dreamed Of This" is not here to show you how to do that - there are enough people showing you how it's possible (Check Just One Way Ticket for more info on this).  My goal is to simply share the magic and wonder I see in the world each day - and hopefully to put a smile on your face in the process.


This is my dream.  I hope you will follow along and feel inspired to take steps toward a dream of your ownLife really is too short.


- Nathan Allen


Making a big life change is pretty scary, but know what's even scarier?  Regret.

"I Dreamed Of This" Grows its Wings...

What I REALLY Think Of The philippines

So lucky!  "What I REALLY think of the Philippines", went viral in November 2013.  Filipinos from around the world emailed me to thank me for my observations.  I'm so grateful to have been able to give a bit back to the wonderful country that gave me so much.

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My Favorite Destinations - Dreaming Wide Awake

El Nido, Philippines blog post

El Nido Archipeligo, Philippines


If true paradise is what you're after, look no further.  El Nido is becoming touristy very quickly, but you can still head off the beaten path and find an island to call your very own if you really want to....read more

Bantayan Island, Philippines Blog Post

Bantayan Island, Philippines


This sleepy little island off the coast of Cebu has some of the finest white-powder beaches you'll see outside of crowded Boracay.  I didn't get to spend as much time here as I'd like, but I'll be back! Read more...

People regret spending money on a lot things...but travel is never one of them. Find the best price for your DREAM DESTINATION below!!

5 Ways the Philippines Changed me Forever

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People keep asking me how I created my site. I used JIMDO, and I love it!  Click above to try it free! -Nathan

More Destinations...


This is no vacation - SE Asia has been home to me for almost 3 combined years.  I love the food in Thailand, the spirit of the people in Cambodia, the serenity of Laos, the pace and culture of Vietnam, and the stunning beauty of the Philippines! 


I bought a one way ticket and spent three months in India last year as well.  What a mind-blowing cultural experience!  In order to fully experience the wonders of the world, I had to completely embrace travel as a lifestyle


Click here to "like" I Dreamed Of This on Facebook, and I'll keep you updated on the newest posts!  I won't let you down. Note: I hope to write the blogs below soon....for now, check out my blog section HERE:) I have been quite distracted by the beauty of the Philippines as you can see....


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Nathan Allen has spent 2 years taking photos and documenting the Philippines.  A long-term traveler, he lives by the motto "spend less, see more".  Follow him HERE.


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